What is SprintPal?

PayPal is the internet’s leading payment provider. Millions of merchants use it to accept payments, and it has processed a huge number of transactions since its inception.


If you use PayPal to make sales on a regular basis, you may have found that navigating through the PayPal website can become a bottleneck in your workflow. That’s why we built SprintPal.


SprintPal is the quickest and easiest way to search, browse and filter your PayPal transaction history and account data. Using SprintPal can save you hours managing your Paypal transactions and provide you with key customer insights, enabling you to increase sales, customer lifetime values and optimise customer acquisition costs.

Create your account

Create a SprintPal account and connect with PayPal using their secure permissions API

We import your data

Using Paypal secure API's we import all your transaction data into your SprintPal account

Analyze your transactions

Use our tools and charts to quickly and easily provide insights into your transactions

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